Top 5 Best Steam Iron In India 2017 – Online Steam Iron Buying Guide

Ironing your cloths is the best way to look more attractive and fresh, because your cloth wearing style is the first impression Of you. Most of  the people used to wear a smooth and wrinkle free cloths, and many who work in a professional field  of work need to look good. There are many different ways of removing wrinkle and make cloth smooth, but ironing is the best way, which gives better results then other techniques. In old time dry iron is very much in use for ironing now also in some places we can see it.

But now  upgraded version of dry iron comes names as electric steam iron.

Steam iron does your job easily and fastly and gives a better smooth and wrinkle free results, thanks to his cool features. In this post ill help you to choose best steam iron in india for you. Also explained its feature and detail view on steam iron buying guide and how to use steam iron.
What is steam iron and its working?

Steam iron innovative upgrade version which apply steam during ironing . Steam generate from evaporated water by super heating removes wrinkles very quickly and make cloth soft and smooth fastly.

The aluminium made plate on iron usually refered as sole plate,This plate is water resistances. A steam iron contains small water tank which releases water slowly to the heating plate. This water runs through the pores on aluminium heated plate so that water can apply at proper ration. This steamed water vaporised quickly after releasing from pores on sole plate.

Advantages of best steam iron

– Smooth and Fast ironing
– Safe and risk free ironing
– Reduced use of corbon footprints
– Saves electricity, environmental freely

Best Steam iron in india 2017

Top 10 Best Steam Iron In India

Rank Name Power  
1 Philips GC1905 1440 Watts 17 g/min
2 Philips GC1920 1440 Watts 17 g/min
3 Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 Watts 11 g/min
4 Philips GC1010 1200 Watts 15 g/min
5 Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1200 Watts 12 g/min
6 Philips GC1903 1440 Watts 15 g/min

Havells Sparkle 1250

1250 Watts 15 g/min
8 Morphy Richards Glide 1250 Watts 12 g/min
9 Bajaj Majesty MX 7 1200 Watts 12 g/min

Maharaja Whiteline Aquao

1300 Watts 25 g/min

Top 5 Best Steam Iron In India – Reviews and Price

1. Philips GC1905 Steam Iron

philips 1905 steam iron price

This is one of the most selling Philips best steam iron which comes with the 1440 watt capacity operates on 240 v supply. It contains the superfast feeling and emptying water tank of capacity 180 ml and fine spray to moistens fabric. Its continuous steam output of 17g/m through black linished soleplate is excellent.


It gets heated quickly within 1 min.
Auto off feature facility
Water capacity is decent
Good quality solepalte.
180 degree cord free movement
Easy Glinding
2 years warranty


It is little bulky

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2.Philips GC1920 Steam Iron


Philips gc1920 steam iron price and reviews

This is another best steam iron model from phillips which has same feature like Gc1905. It has a golden american heritage coating for easy gliding, a fine spray easily moistens the fabric. steam output of 17g/m is very helpful in crease removing. the steam iron contains easy filing and emptying water tank having capacity of 180ml. the product heats up quickly within 50sec, it has 1440 power and operates on 240v. steam iron comes with variable steam setting.One of cool feature is steam only comes out from sole plate when it is parallel to table surface and stop when kept perpendicular.


  • American heritage coating
  • Easy gliding on all fabrics
  • Lightweight
  • 17g/m continuous steam output
  • power of 1440 watt
  • Reasonable price
  • 2 years warranty


No drwbacks

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3. Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Best steam iron in india

This super glide steam iron is from well known electronics brand in world Morphy Rechards Loaded with bunch of good feature and functions. The steam iron has powerful 2000w consuming capacity which is useful in delivering constant high steam output. it can provide 11g/m steam, Turbo steam boost feature can give upto 150g/m continuous steam.

The soleplate is made with ceramic coating which insures you lifelong and smooth ironing, soleplate has 46 holes on it for covering large area of cloths with steam. The Extra large capacity of 350ml water tank in clear view enbles you to fill it even when steam iron is on. Super glide steam irons Sharp edges can easily go to tricky places on cloths, You can use this steam iron on all types of fabrics hassle free. Overall this is good buy product from morphy rechards with moderate price.


  • Super Turbo steam
  • Ceramic Coated soleplate
  • Extra large water capacity
  • 2000w of power
  • Temperature control system
  • Lots of features
  • Value for money
  • 2 Years warranty


Little heavy(but Negligible)

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4.Philips GC1010 Steam Iron

Best steam iron 2017

Phillips GC1010 is also well buying option in steam irons from phillips brand. This iron comes with 1200 watt power consuming capacity operates on 220 v power input. Water tank capacity of this steam iron is 150ml which is sufficient for regular ironing. Its thin Aluminium linished soleplate good for better heating, it has 15g/m continuous steam output. The calc clean function is useful to flush your iron to remove calc particles. You can thing on this option for your regular cloth ironing.


  • Easy gliding for all fabrics
  • Calc clean function
  • Thin soleplate
  • Lightweight
  • Steam Burst
  • 1200 w of power
  • 2 Years of warranty
  • Reasonable in price


Not for heavy use

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5. Bajaj Majesty MX3 Steam Iron

bajaj majesty mx3 price and reviews

If You are looking for perfect low price steam iron with good features then this is good option for you. Bajaj Is well established brand in electronics you can blindly trust on them. Majesty MX3 Consumes a power of 1250w and operates on 230v of supply.

 The soleplate of this iron is non stick coated, fabric doesn’t stick to soleplate even when its overheated. It design with 23 vents and 12g/m of continuous steam output which removes wrinkles and make cloth smooth to wear. water tank capacity is 150ml. It has some other cool features also like cool body, lightweight, self cleaning, power safty feature Etc.


  • Non stick soleplate
  • Thermal fuse
  • 1200 w power
  • Self cleaning function
  • Lightweight
  • low prices
  • 2 years warranty


Less features

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How to choose Steam Iron-Steam iron Buying guide,Tips

how to use steam iron
Before buying any steam iron you should know what feature and function a steam iron have. Things you should check out before spending your money into steam iron, below are some important factor given which surely going to help you to buy best steam iron in india.
Power is the most important factor because more power gives you quick heating of soleplate to ironing your cloths. But do  remember More power cost you more also  it uses a more electricity. Generally steam  irons of power more than 1100w is sufficient for home use.
Generally you should buy from well established brand in market which provides quality products and good customer service and make sure it has service centre in your city,locality so you can contact them or directly go to their service centres. I suggest you to buy from brands like phillips, Bajaj, Morphy rechards, maharaja etc.
Design also plays an important role, perfect design gives you smooth experience of ironing. Build quality of steam iron must be good and perfect in shape and size. Because if shape is perfect you can easily iron your cloths tricky area like collar, area between buttons of shirts.
Steam Iron Must be loaded with latest features and function.More the features less the work, But More function cost you more. A good steam iron have features like fast emptying and filing of water tank, Quick heating of soleplte, Temperature control system, Steam burst, Auto on,off etc.
Warranty service-

This is last but very important, Dont forgot to checkout warranty of steam buying. Generally Steam iron comes with 2 years of warranty. A good brand give you best service and quality product.

How to use steam iron safely? 

1.Use only clean water to fill tank

2.Unplug the iron before emptying the tank

3. Dont iron directly on buttons

4.Always put iron on vertical position  to protect the soleplate from scratches

5.Let the electrical iron cool completely before putting away.

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