Best Glucometer In India 2017 – Best Glucometer For Home Use

Now a days Majority of people suffering from a well known disease called diabetes. In India also rate of diabetes Patient is Increasing rapidly, Mainly the peoples above Age 40 suffering from it.

So it mandatory for them to check sugar levels at least once in week. but due to their busy scheduled some people can’t go for check up at clinic. But no worry we have a device which measures the sugar level at home or at any place you go, Called as Glucometer or Glucose meter.

What is Glucometer? 

It is a device which Determines the level of sugar(Glucose) in blood. Glucometer is very small in size of palm of your hand and easy to use.
By Using Glucose meter  you can regularly check sugar levels whether it is in proper range or not, so you can make changes in your daily diet or to take medication or you should concern to doctor as per your results.
Now if you want buy one for you, we have provided a list of top 5 best Glucometer in india. which have good features, superior quality with accurate results and best for home use.

Top 5 Best Glucometer In India

#1. Dr. morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer 

DR. morepen BG-03 gluco one glucometer price
Dr. Morepen is very famous brand in healthcare devices, knowns For giving accurate Test results  and quality products over worldwide. BG-03 Gluco one Glucometer is no.1 in our list fjor his superior performance.
This Glucometers needs small blood sample of only 0.5mg to test sugar and gives super fast results within seconds. Glucose meter comes with 25 strips and very easy to handle. The cost is very cheap as compare to other.
Key Features-
– 0.5mg blood sample needed
– comes with 25 strips
– Gives beeper alert
– Accurate results
PRICE-  Amazon  |  Flipkart

#2 Johnson & Johnson One Touch Select Glucose Monitor with 10 Strips Glucometer

Best glucometer 2017
This one is from well known brand Johnson and johnson. It is a light weight fully Automatic device, does not require any coding just insert a strip apply blood and your done. also lancing device  is very small and easy to use.
One touch glucometer comes with 10 strips. Its alert system provide you sugar level with different colour indication low, high and very levels.Also contains high low alarm reference card. After all this good device to buy.
Key Features.
-Results within 5sec
-Blood sample needed 0.5ml
-10 strips and 10 lancets
-No coding require

#3 ACCU-CHEK Active Glucose Monitor with 10 Strips Glucometer 

Best glucometer in india

Accu check Active is a popular device from well established brand Accu check, have a huge sale in Indian market. This Glucometer have built in safety features and package contain 10 strips with 1 code. Its weight is less you can carry this with you anywhere.
It is very user friendly and gives accurate results within 10sec. At end this is good option to buy.
key Features.
-Only 1.2mg blood sample need
-Results in 10sec
-Contains 10 strips
-Built in safety feature
#4 Omron HGM-112 Glucometer
Omron HGM-112 glucometer price and reviews
This glucose meter is from best quality health care device manufacturer brand that is Omron. HGM-112 is best in class glucose meter having large Lcd screen, less blood sample needed, light wieght and easy to use. It gives results in 5 secs comes with 1 year warranty service from company.
Key Features.
-0.5mg blood needed
-light weight, large Lcd screen
-10 strips free
PRICE- Amazon | Flipkart

 #5 Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Easy Glucometer

One touch ultra easy reviewes and price

One touch ultra easy is another one from the j & j .It is glucose monitoring device very small in size and easy to handle. only one time coding is require, one of the important feature of device is, it can store upto 500 readings. overall its a must buy Glucometer.

Key Features-

-0.5ml sample needed
-Shows results in 5sec
-500 reading storage
-contains 10 strips and 10 lancents

PRICE- Amazon | Flipkart

Glucometer Buying Guide, How to Choose Glucose Meter

Following are the factors needs to be consider while choosing best glucose meter

The no. of results can be stored in it. Because more the storing capacity will help you to compare your previous sugar levels with the new one.

It is the volume measurement of blood drop. select the one which requires very less blood sample to measure the sugar level. Now a days gluocse meter comes with very small sample size.

#Test Time
It is a time taken to show sugar level after applying the blood sample, test time should less as possible.

#Special Features
Special Features includes audio capability, low light visibility, various memory to stored your readings, different handling capabilities, usb meter etc.

#Warranty, Brand & cost
This one the important thing that you should purchase a glucose meter from well known brands like Dr.morepen, omron, jonhson & johnson, accu check glucometers etc. It should provided with atleast one year warranty and its cost should be in average range.  

#Where To Buy Glucometer Online?

Well, This is also a main question, because we have some doubt on online buying. But trust me i have provided online buying link with best price and trusted seller.

Health is wealth!

Thank you.

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