Best Front Load Washing machine In India 2017 – Buying Guide, Price and Reviews.

Best Font Load washing Machine 2017

Washing machine is a very essential  home appliances in today’s busy life. Technology is being updated day by day, So we are getting new versions with higher functionality which makes our task easy. The washing machines are not apart from that, In india it has huge market and it is increasing rapidly due to change in living styles of peoples. In this post we are providing a information about The best front load washing machine in india about what is front load? Its advantages, which is best washing machine for home use and reviews.  

What is front Load Washing Machine?

Front Load is type of washing machine in which the cloths are loaded from front side. this type of washing machines gives best washing results and Superior performance. It is very easy to use. front loaded machines are little expensive than the top loading because front load has more useful function, Also it requires a less amount of water and consumes less electricity. 

Advantages Of Front Load

-Consumes less water
-Saves Electricity
-Uses Less detergent 
-High Speed Spineeng
-Greater Functionality
-Easy to Operate

If you are planning to buy one for you we have reserch online and made a list of Top 5 Best Front load washing machines In India. Each selected washing machine fully reviewed and explain in details below.

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Top 5 Best Front Load Washing Machines In India 

#1 IFB Senorita Aqua Sx-6.5 Kg

IFB senorita Aqua sx price

This is a  fully Automatic front Load Model from famous house of IFB washing machine. It is one of the leading brand in india. Senorita Aqua sx is very popular model in market with better customers ratings.

It comes with the washing capacity of 6.5kg having fast spin speed of 1000 rpm. The main features of this washing machine is its, Used of Aqua Energie and 3D wash system technology.
Aqua Energie features helps to improve the quality of water by using its inbuilt Aqua filter and uses less detergent powder This feature is very help for those people having use of hard water. Hence you always get better quality washing results, doesn’t matters with quality water used. 3D wash system used to circulate the water at 360°.It ensures deep dissolution of water into the cloths.This machine consumes a power of 2200 watt. 

At the end this is a Best Buy perfect front Load fully Automatic washing machine for home.

Features In Short-
– Fully Automatic
– 2200 watt power
– 6.5 kg capacity
– 1000 RPM speed
– 4 Years Warranty

  • Less Vibration and less noise
  • Option to select temperature and speed speen
  • Less Water Consumption
  • Easy to handled
  • high Quality washing results
  • Machine is little heavy
  • Issues with IFB service.
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#2. Bosch WAK20160IN –7 KG

best front load washing machines in india

Bosch WAK20160IN is the perfect washing machine under 30k From well known brand Bosch. It is best energy and water efficient model from Manufacturer. Bosch WAK20160IN enables you to done your laundry at 65% faster speed, maximum rotational speed is 1000 rpm. This machine have 7 Kg washing capacity which consumes maximum 47 ltr of water. 

Its one of the great function is anti vibration technology used, which reduces the vibration, machine noise and provide more stability to machine. Another one feature is volt check, which detects the variation in voltages and adjust the cycles as per voltage levels. Also have Foam detection system which detects the excessive foam and adjust rinse cycle. The active water and Multiple water level protection helps to control water levels during washing so as to give better results.

  • Anti-vibration technology for vibration and noise free smother experience
  • 65% faster than regular washing time
  • Lowest Water consumption
  • Efficient Drying especially in monsoon
  • Foam detection and multiple water level feature 
  • 10 years of warranty on motor.

  • Bosch 2 days installation guaranty not fulfilled.  
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#3. LG F8091NDL2-6 KG

fully automatic best front load washing machine 2017

LG is very reputed brand in indian market knows for  his quality product and service. LG F8091NDL2 is fully Automatic front load washing machine having 6Kg loading capacity having speen speed of 800 rpm.

This uses Modern inverter direct drive technology in which lesser parts are used, so as it decreases noise and vibration with less energy dissipation. It has a quick 30 wash system, in this soiled cloths are washed, rinsed and dry within 30 min.Time delay option bring you the freedom of starting machine at your convenient time. 

  • Less water use 
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Durable and energy saving 
  • better wash quality
  • Lack of led display
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#4 IFB Elena Aqua Sx-6 Kg

front load washing machine

Elena Aqua Sx is another best washing machine from the IFB brand. washing with the IFB gives you better experience ever you had, because technology and body parts used is of high quality provide you deserving results.
when coming to this model it has a smart sensor enables machine adjust itself and change water intake for good washing. 6 KG of washing capacity and 1000 RPM speed is a best combination, like senorita Aqua sx it also have Aqua energy function which converts hard water into the soft water and allow detergent to fully dissolve in it.

In addition to this it has 2D shower system which spread pressurised water on laundry to remove all detergent traces on it. Elena Aqua also have foam detection system for maintaining good quality wash.


  • Protective rat mesh for rats and rodents 
  • Laundry add feature between the rinse cycle
  • Quick wash and pre wash function
  • Less use of water


  • It doesn’t have wheels
  • IFB service issue in some parts of india
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#5 Electrolux EF60ERWH

front load washing machine buying guide in india

This one is from well established brand in Indian market name electrolux. EF60ERWH is really value for money washing machine. 
the machines capable to handled 6kg load with 800rpm spin speed helps to dry faster. Its fuzzy logic technology sharply read the laundry load and select best course accordingly. Anti foam function washes the cloth efficiently without any detergent traces on it.
If sometime you were in hurry and don’t have much time, then this machine has a Quick 15 wash function which let you wash your cloths within 15 minutes.

Overall if you are looking for the best front load fully Automatic washing machine under 20k this is best option for you.

Features in short
– 6 kg capacity
– Power of 2100w
– 800 RPM spin speed
– Fully Automatic Front Load
– 2 Years warranty


  • Cheap in Price
  • Very easy to use
  • Enables to set variable spin speed and temperature
  • Quick wash,Anti foam technology
  • Eco friendly


  • Little Customer support problem

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Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide India 2017-Washing Machine tips

While choosing a best front load washing machine in india for your home, everyone thing we shoud  get a best quality washing machine model  in our budget because we are investing our hard worked money into that, so here im providing some useful washing machine buying tips, which will ensure that your selecting best font load washing machine.  

Energy and Water Efficiency 

This is Very important point to check whether your washing machine is water and energy efficient or not. Because if machine is taking high amount of water and using more of electricity it will increase your electricity bill and water supply bill also.
Efficiency is depends upon the no. of stars rating, more the stars more the efficiency, so you should check out ratings before buying any washing machine.


How Much capacity machine you should buy? One of the important factor to look out before buying washing machine. Its totally depends upon how many family members you have, because if you have big family and bought a small capacity machine then you have to repeat spin cycles many times. Generally for 4 members house 7 Kg drum capacity is sufficient . Below we have provided a chart about Loading capacity according to family size.

5 kg              –    2 people
6-7 kg          –    4 people
7 kg or large- More than 4 people

Cycle Timing

The cycle timing is depends on which cycle your using, front load washing machines take little more time to  complete the cycle, But in market most of machines are coming with Quick wash feature will let you done your job within 15min, so must check this feature you have or not in the machine you are purchasing.

Spin Speed

For the fast drying of cloths, spin speed should be high so make sure to check it.

Dimensions and warranty

Be sure washing machine your buying has sufficient empty place in your house to fit it. so check the dimensions of machine whether it fits in you house area.

Also check the brand and warranty conditions of washing machine. 

Other useful function to look out for

With all  above points you should check function like wash programs like quick, heavy, delicate and wool, hygiene system, safety features, weight of washing machine, customer service centre availability in your area.

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